Arming Doctors With Better Tools

Today's cancer treatment methods often employ a "shotgun" approach  because we lack the tools to determine the cancer's next move.  Taking  advantage of the fact that cancer cells can hijack the body's normal  wound healing processes provides us with insight into cancer cell  behavior.  By studying how cancer cells utilize the inflammatory pathway  triggered by our treatments, we can predict those patients who still  harbor micrometastatic disease after treatment, and at the same time  provide far more effective therapies for the treatment of cancer.   


Heading Metastasis Off At The Pass

Encyt research has demonstrated that surgery, chemotherapy and radiation  therapies trigger a distinct cytokine response that is expressed within  a narrow window of time after treatment. Furthermore, our work has  confirmed that a group of distinct cytokines foster rapid stem cell  proliferation and EMT in tissue culture systems. In 2015, Encyt filed  its first patent titled "Prevention of Metastasis and Recurrence after  Primary Cancer Treatment".